Mould allergies

Mould thrives in wet, damp places. It can be persistent and difficult to get rid of and may create severe allergic reactions. Simply cleaning mould won’t make it go away, you must remove the conditions that encourage it to grow.

It is not the mould itself but the mould spores that cause an allergic reaction. Mould spores are believed to be present in the air at greater quantities than any other substance.

Indoors they can live on any decaying matter and can grow in carpets, old furniture, on walls, in cupboards and on wood. They will live anywhere where there is enough moisture to support them. 

The trick is to keep your home dry. Places to guard against mould are: cupboards, bathrooms, showers, refrigerator drip trays, house plants, humidifiers and garbage bins.

Tips to avoid mould allergies:

  • Ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Use an air conditioner to clean, cool and dry the air.
  • Don’t grow too many indoor plants as wet soil is a breeding ground for moulds. 


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