Identify your allergies

Allergies can impact on your daily routines and for some people they are a major burden to deal with. Identifying your allergy and knowing its trigger is the first and most crucial step in managing your allergies.

Monitoring your allergy symptoms and general patterns will help you and your doctor in diagnosing an allergy. Start with our simple worksheet. Just select the answer that seems most appropriate and select the Print button when you are finished to create a print-out that you can take to your doctor.


What symptoms do you suffer from?
When do your symptoms occur?
I suffer more during:
Do you wake up with symptoms in the morning?
Do you think you suffer from food/ drink allergies?
How many weeks in the last 12 months have you experienced hay fever and/or allergies?
And, how long do the symptoms usually last?

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements taking into account your personal beliefs and attitudes.

My allergies dictate how I feel about my day and what I can do in it.
My allergies make me feel low and give me a negative outlook on life.
I feel I am at the mercy of my allergies.
My allergies affect me but I don't give into them.
I have no hesitation in taking something for my allergy; I just want to feel better.
I always treat my allergies as soon as the first symptoms appear.
I try to put up with allergy symptoms as long as I can before I give in and take something.
How severe are each of the following hayfever or allergy symptoms you experience?
Please allocate each symptom as very severe, fairly severe, not severe or is it something you don’t experience when you have hayfever or allergies.

Runny nose
Itchy nose
Fuzzy head 
Sinus pain

Thank you

Thank you for completing this allergy health questionnaire. Your answers will help you and your healthcare professional identify the type of allergic sufferer you are and the best treatment options. Select the Print button to print out a copy to discuss with your healthcare professional.